51 Minds Entertainment, Vh-1’S “Flagship” Production Company Of Hit Reality Series, Chooses Archion Storage

By October 3, 2007News

Burbank, CA, Oct. 3, 2007 – 51 Minds Entertainment, considered to be the “flagship” original content production company for VH-1, has chosen a new Synergy HD™ storage system from Archion, the entertainment industry’s largest storage solution to Avid storage systems. The announcement was made by Reuben Lima, COO, Archion.

Regarding the news, Mr. Lima said, “51 Minds Entertainment is a very prominent producer of popular content for VH-1. The fact that they specifically requested our storage products testifies to the fact that we are in the unique position of providing the most reliable, cost-effective and technologically advanced storage systems available to the entertainment industry today.”

Chris Brewster, Senior VP of Post for 51 Minds Entertainment, said, “We are very happy with the Archion storage solution and we are eagerly anticipating adding more Archion storage to our workflow process. We went with Archion because of its reasonable pricing, the quality of its performance, and its complete elimination of the downtown we were experiencing on a regular basis with Avid’s Unity™ systems.”


Helmed by Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego, 51 Minds Entertainment is the company that produces VH-1′s biggest and most successful lineup of reality television ever. The company has produced such high profile series as “The Surreal Life,” “The Surreal Life Fame Games,” “My Fair Brady” and “Flavor of Love,” the highest rated VH-1 series in its history. 51 Minds Entertainment has grown into one of the largest and most successful reality production companies in the entertainment business today. For more info, please visit www.51minds.com


According to Archion CTO James Tucci, Synergy HD4™ is the newest and most powerful addition to the Archion Synergy family of FC Raid storage products for Digital Video systems.

Archion’s Synergy HD4™ features an unrivaled compatibility with Unity™ that extends the capacity and performance while sustaining the life span of AVIDS™ legacy Unity™systems. This new and groundbreaking product extends Archion’s original Synergy HD abilities from 400MB/sec to 800 MB/sec bandwidth with its dual 4GB FC ports and has increased its capacity from 8TB to 12TB in the same 3 RU space.

As the latest addition to the Synergy products, Synergy HD4™ is fully compatible with all previous Archion products, as well as the 1gig, 2gig and 4gig Unity™ environments. Synergy HD4™ is the only storage for Unity™ utilizing both 4GB ports on one switch for a full 800 MB/sec of available bandwidth.

Synergy HD4™ is a full-featured SATA II to FC Raid storage system designed for networking digital video systems in an Avid Unity™ environment. It is available in units from 4 TB to 12TB with 2 ports of 4GB FC and is certified with Unity 3.3 thru 5.0


Archion Technologies, headquartered in Burbank, California, was founded in 1999 by a group of technology entrepreneurs with a vision for designing networked storage systems for the professional video market. For more information, please see www.archion.com


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