Collaborative Developments with Adobe CC Workflows

As more professional editorial and graphic workgroups have been turning their attention to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for content creation tools, the collaboration has been focused on high performance shared storage solutions.  As an Adobe Technical and Solution partner, Archion proudly works closely with Adobe to bring forth the best collaborative workflows.

This week, Adobe announced what it will be showing at IBC 2016 and the Archion team is delighted this day has come.  The Adobe theme is Connected Creativity, and highlighting this news is Team Projects, a new collaboration solution built on the Adobe Anywhere technology.  In addition, Adobe introduced enhancements to Dynamic Link – along with many other workflow refinements(, and expanded Destination Publishing, which allows content creators to deliver their work directly to audience platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and now Behance.)

Project Sharing has arrived for the masses

Having several years of experience with Adobe Anywhere, Archion is intimately familiar with Adobe’s Anywhere technology and has thoroughly tested the Team Projects (aka Project Sharing).  What this means to Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude users is that anyone with Creative Cloud (CC) can share projects in the cloud. Adobe has delivered a meaningful project sharing system. Once a Project is created, users can be invited and given access to the project with icons (which represent your colleagues for whom you are collaborating.  This is not a bin locking system, but rather an exchange system. As team collaborators work and make changes, others are notified of the changes with an Icon. You can simply click the Icon to have the changes added to your workspace. It is very fluid system.  In an After Effects project, users can be working on a graphic while the editor is working on a cut.  When the graphic is ready the editor and the AE editor can bring the graphic into the timeline and drop it in.

With the project sharing function now in the Adobe’s Creative Cloud, high performance facility based network storage remains important. Now, your 4K workflows can be shared with the full resolution media while Proxies can be created from the full resolution material and shared in the cloud for remote collaboration.

The Adobe Creative Cloud video tools, extended and enriched by Archion’s leading price-performance and ultra high speed shared storage solutions, including EditStor EO, Omni, Omni Hybrid and Velo – all of which have been optimized for Adobe Anywhere – give users the industry’s best, most integrated workflows: an immersive creative experience, empowering filmmakers, broadcasters, and web content creators to imagine, craft, and deliver stories that connect with their audiences.

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