Edtistor-Omni-Left-BottomArchion’s EditStor shared storage takes Adobe Creative Cloud workflows to new heights. Whether the shared storage is needed to support Adobe’s Premiere Pro or After Affects, lean on an Adobe Technical and Solution Partner, like Archion, to provide unmatched price-performance and broad functionality for these creative environments. From capture to finish, EditStor solutions deliver true 4K performance.

Consider all the key benefits:

Ultra High Speed and Performance for 4K and More

With 4000 MB/sec from a single 24 drive system and more bandwidth with expansion, Omni has set new standards for multi-write editorial and 4K film color grading.  Access all this bandwidth through 4-16 10GigE ports or a 40GigE port.  Delivers over 1000 MB/sec over the 10GigE direct client connections.   Playback as many as four 4K raw files or nearly 40 Pro Res 4K streams.

Integrated Collaborate Appliance for Creative Cloud Localization

Archion’s Collaborate provides the sync point for all Adobe CC clients making Adobe’s new collaboration tools always available for remote networking clients.  All of the assets, archives, files, libraries and collaboration shares are accessible 24/7 with the integration of EditStor and Collaborate.

Broad Scalability

Up to nearly 1.5 Petabytes per Omni system engine with affordable and simple to install hot pluggable expansion chassis.  Begin with four 10Gig optical ports and grow to a total of 16.  Securely and simply add an unlimited number of client workstations and servers without licenses, major downloads or costs.  And dynamically scale volumes as frequently as you need.

Expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud Workflows

As an Adobe Technical and Solution Partner, Archion’s EditStor Omni has been optimized to support the demands Adobe creative tools, including 4K, and to enhance Creative Cloud and overall functionality, including Adobe project sharing.

File System Interoperability

Easy integration with nearly all industry tools due to standards based file system and protocals.   Share media across Mac, Windows and Linux OS based servers using multiple file sharing protocals, including AFP, SMB, NFS, FTP and more.  No third party software or drivers required.

User and Group Authentication

Broad user authentication functionality with support for external Open Directory, Active Directory and LDAP integration as well as internal LDAP tool.

Back up, Replication and Archive

Select from a number of agents and protocals to back up media, or simply use Omni’s built in replication and LTO archive tools.

Industry Leading Price-Performance

Compare EditStor Omni’s price-performance against all other shared media storage systems and see why Archion offers such great value.

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