Configuration and streams, how do I work that out?

By May 7, 2014

The base configuration of an Editstor ES has 4 ports of 1gigE for a total of 400 MB/sec. You can increase the bandwidth by adding either another 4 port 1gigE card or a dual or quad port 10gigE card. With the gigE card you increase the total bandwidth to 800 MB/sec. The 10gigE card increases the bandwidth to 1000 MB/sec. Now the new Editstor Omni system has 4000 MB/sec. of bandwidth out of its standard 4 port 10gigE card or you can use a 2 port 40gigE card for max bandwidth.  There is a configuration guide in our downloads section on our website that has all of the stream counts for all the Avid and Apple resolutions. You can also, easily calculate how much bandwidth you need to support the clients and streams.