Continuous fast shared storage access for Adobe® Creative Cloud®


With digital video workgroups moving to Adobe®’s Media and Entertainment solutions, combined with the growing demands of 4K within post production and finishing, finding the right Adobe storage solution is critical. This networked storage infrastructure must effectively support Premiere Pro CC®, After EFX®, or any of the other applications available with Creative Cloud® .

To simplify and manage the Adobe Creative Cloud sync points for digital video professionals and provide continuous fast shared storage access across the world for Adobe Creative Cloud applications, like Premiere Pro CC and After EFX, Archion has created Collaborate. This advanced appliance solution, connected to EditStor EO or EditStor Omni helps to ensure reliable high speed connectivity to the world of Adobe Creative Cloud Sync, Assets, Archive, libraries, files, and Collaboration tools.

The Collaborate appliance is designed to integrate into an Editstor EO or EditStor Omni media storage system to provide Adobe Creative Cloud connectivity between your local Premiere Pro CC or After EFX client workstations and all remote Adobe post production and finishing applications and systems. This 1RU server storage system, combined with Archion’s EditStor NAS storage servers, gives 24/7 access to all the Creative Cloud sync points in your post production and finishing facilities out to Adobe Creative Cloud assets and Collaborate shared assets.

EditStor Omni Delivers True 4K Performance for Adobe Creative Cloud applications

EdtistorOmni-550EditStor Omni, an ultra fast shared storage system (4500 MB/second), provides media and entertainment and other creative facilities a single media storage system for all their high performance media collaboration needs. From 4K video to 4K playback of raw media files, to every day compressed video and audio streams, the Omni NAS storage server has the performance, scalability and functionality to handle it all.

At Archion, all of the media storage system technical experts and digital video workflow experts are trained on the Adobe Creative Cloud products and solutions that benefit from a shared storage environment. Archion’s EditStor shared media storage takes Adobe post production and finishing workflows to a new level. Editstor, with its high bandwidth, multi-protocol shares, volume management tools and high scalability provides the best platform for all of the Creative Cloud applications, such as Premiere Pro CC and After EFX.

Continuous Sync On Creative Cloud

Collaborate provides a continuous sync point to Creative Cloud for multiple systems running CC Sync.

Direct 10Gig To Editstor

High speed 10gigE from the Editstor EO to the Collaborate Applance and out to the Internet.

 Support For Creative Cloud Assets

Sharing of Creative Cloud Assets and Collaboration is fully supported and made more flexible by having local shared storage supporting the CC and the Adobe client directly. Libraries and Archive are available on both the local networked storage and CC storage.

Support For Creative Cloud Apps

Fully supports the new Creative Cloud applications and tools. Adobe Premire Clip, Voice, Lightroom, Photoshop sketch, and Mix, Illustrator Draw and Line. The Collaborate Appliance allows for continuous access from the Editstor and the local clients. Use Premire Clip in the field and send clips and sequences to the clients for finishing.