Thunderbolt 10gigE for high speed networks.

Side EditlyncEditlync is an advanced Thunderbolt appliance for connectivity to high speed data networks. With its advanced 10gigE connectivity and tuned drivers for the lowest latency and highest throughput, Editlync is the fastest Ethernet adapter for demanding workflows. It provides line level performance using AFPBackEditlync and Macintosh systems, with typical speeds of 1090 MB/sec writes’ and 1200 MB/sec reads.

Compatible with Thunderbolt 2.0, it is perfect for the new Mac Pro’s and iMac’s. Imagine editing at 10gig speeds with your iMmac or your Mac laptop. Editlync has two Thunderbolt ports and can daisy chain 5K Thunderbolt monitors and other thunderbolt devices.

Editlync’s two ports of 10gigE can be bonded for even higher speeds on a single Thunderbolt device. Perfect for 4K and beyond.


  • Over 1090 MB/sec writes’ and 1200 MB/reads on AFP protocol.
  • Dual 10gigE ports available for direct connect, Bonding, and uplink
  • Low latency drivers provide max throughput for 4K DPX.


  • Dual Thunderbolt Ports for display monitors
  • Dual ports for bonding.
  • Works with Mac and Windows Thunderbolt ports.