Accelerating Media Workflows With All Flash Drives

Engineered to be the single centralized storage system for creative facilities, Omni Flash delivers ultra fast video streaming and extreme render and CGI performance. In one uniquely designed and intelligent NAS system, Archion delivers the bandwidth and IOPS for the most demanding media workflows. Omni Flash will handle 4K, 6K and even 8K media while also catering to your graphical and visual effects demands. EditStor Omni Flash has set a new standard for the media production industry.

Media facilities with large video and graphical departments have always had to purchase two or maybe three storage systems for storing, editing, ingesting their content. To meet the more demanding media workflows, these facilities would have to deploy complicated and expensive SAN technology which required multiple servers to support metadata, SAN software and more. And yet the functionality for content creation was still limited and they there were not designed to support the heavy demands of graphical applications.

EditStor Omni Flash provides tremendous capabilities all in a simple, affordable, high density networked storage server. Engineered to support facilities with both high video streaming and graphic rendering demands, Omni Flash delivers full line level throughput and extraordinary IOPS. Editor, Compositor and Graphic professionals can now seamlessly work on the same network share. There is no longer a need to move or copy rendered media so that editors work. The media is available as soon as the renders finish with EditStor Omni Flash.

To achieve the very high level of IOPs, which lowers latency, Archion uses dedicated high speed SSDs. Powered by our patented optimizing intelligence, Omni Flash detects the difference between a high throughput stream and a small IOPS request and adjusts on the fly for maximum performance for each workflow.

EditStor Omni Flash is your ultimate compatibility and collaborate engine with interoperability for all the favorite production tools including 4K cameras from AJA®, ARRI®, Blackmagic, RED, Sony and more; editorial and finishing applications such as Adobe Premiere® , Avid Media Composer® and ProTools®, Apple Final Cut Studio®, Autodesk Smoke® and Flame, and Blackmagic Resolve; and animation/visual effects tools like Adobe® After Affects®, Autodesk® Maya, Foundry Nuke and more.

The flexibility of EditStor Omni Flash is truly unmatched for media workflows. With a comprehensive, yet easy to use GUI, connecting up an unlimited number Windows, Macintosh and Linux clients is simple; there are no drivers, installers or client licenses required. Adding to this is a broad spectrum of media management features. This begins with ability to create shared volumes of any size while also having the convenience of being able to expand those volumes on the fly without downtime and performance degradation. EditStor Omni expansion chassis’s can be added to expand the storage with a Omni with HDD’s or SSD’s expanding the capacity to the same volume group or separate without shutting down or stopping work. Included with all Omni is the Archion’s APS+ for easy storage mananagemt and the PICS media management system for searching and playback of media.

Key Benefits

Up to 15,000 MB per second of bandwidth utilizing 12 Gig storage technology and ultra low latency to support 4K UHD/ DPX and 8K codecs

High speed, high availability 12gig RAID controller brings full hardware RAID protection.

Sharing of files over multiple protocols, including AFP, NFS and SMB, for greater sharing efficiency across Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems

Windows Active Directory, internal/external LDAP and more advanced users and groups control

Hot pluggable expansion chassis’s can be added to expand both throughput and storage up to 15,000 MB/sec. The virtual share sizes can be increased on the fly through the GUI.

Technical Specifications


  • Each Editstor Omni Flash is fully populated with high speed SSD’s SATA 3.0 drives on a PCIe 3.0 bus for Max Throughput
  • EditStor Omni Flash comes in 9.6TB, 19TB, 38TB and 92TB
  • The storage is preconfigured with RAID 5 and a hot spare for maximum protection.
  • EditStor Omni RAID controller with 12GB/s data transfer rate
  • 128 gig of system RAM for fast processing
  • 512 gig of cache RAM tuned for Digital Video
  • Supports RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60
  • Hot pluggable expansion chassis with 9.6TB, 19TB, 38TB and 92TB with Flash or 48TB, 96TB, 144TB and 192TB HDD

RAID Operation

  • RAID is configured and tuned for digital video over IP
  • Automatic failover and rebuild is pre-configured. Global hot spare covers all drives

GigE and Host Connections

  • Comes standard with 4 optical ports (10 GigE)
  • Comes standard with 4 1000BaseT ports (10 GigE)
  • Upgrade options include up to three additional 4 port 10GigE optical cards or 2 port 40gigE cards.
  • Web based configuration GUI for headless operation. No need for monitor, keyboard or mouse for operation
  • Configured for either direct connect or multiport switch
  • Supports load balancing and jumbo frames for maximum throughput
  • Sharing with up to 16 clients without Ethernet switch

Storage Management

  • S.M.A.R.T. with E-Mail Notification
  • Support for Logical Volumes over 50 TB
  • Multiple Snapshots (multiple active snapshots per one LV at time)
  • Multiple Logical Volumes and Groups
  • Online Logical Volume Expansion
  • Support for Online Capacity Expansion
  • Built-in, SNMP based monitoring system

Network Storage Features

  • Windows Active Directory / Primary Domain Controller
  • Support for Network Information Service (NIS)
  • Internal and External LDAP
  • Support for ADS, PDC, SMB shares, NFS, FTP, and AFP
  • Avid Project Sharing
  • Archion APS+ UI ease of management
  • User and Group Quota Control
  • Antivirus

Backup Utilities

  • Local Backup
  • Integrated Backup System
  • NDMP v3.0 Support (Network Data Management Protocol)
  • USB Storage Support for Dynamic Disk
  • Backup-Agents (Backup Exec®, Retrospect®, BrightStor®…)


  • Redundant, hot-swappable fans with automatic speed control and front to back cooling.
  • Built-in environmental management for constant optimal temperature control of entire chassis


  • Dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies (950W) universal input (100-240V AC)
  • Maximum input current 4A at 100-120V or 5A at 220-240V
  • Frequency: 47Hz to 64Hz, single phase
  • Power Usage: 400W typical continuous power, 700W maximum continuous power.
  • RoHS compliant

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating Temperature 5C to 35C
  • Non-operating/Storage -40 to 70C
  • Relative humidity (non-operating): 95% at 30C non-condensing

Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 4RU rackmount
  • Width: 17 inches (43.2 cm)
  • Depth: 27.875 inches (70.8 cm)
  • Fits industry standard 19 inch rack for 30 to 36 inches deep.
  • Weight 150 lbs (68 kg)