Full Line Level Throughput and Extraordinary IOPS with Network Sharing.

EdtistorOmniLeftHybrid-600Engineered to support facilities with both high video streaming and graphic rendering demands, Omni Hybrid delivers full line level throughput and extraordinary IOPS. Editor, Compositor and Graphic professionals can now seamlessly work on the same network share. There is no longer a need to move or copy rendered media so that editors work. The media is available as soon as the renders finish with EditStor Omni Hybrid.

To achieve the very high level of IOPs, which lowers latency, Archion uses dedicated high speed SSDs for caching of high IOP data. Powered by our patented optimizing intelligence, Omni Hybrid detects the difference between a high throughput stream and a small IOPS request and adjusts on the fly for maximum performance for each workflow. EditStor Omni Hybrid provides tremendous capabilities all in a simple, affordable, high density networked storage server.

The flexibility of Omni Hybrid is truly unmatched for media workflows. With a comprehensive, yet easy to use, GUI, connecting up an unlimited number Windows, Macintosh and Linux clients is simple; there are no drivers, installers or client licenses required. Adding to this is a broad spectrum of media management features. This begins with ability to create shared volumes of any size while also having the convenience of being able to expand those volumes on the fly without downtime and performance degradation. EditStor Omni Hybrid expansion chassis’s can be added to expand the throughput up to 8000 MB/sec as well expanding the capacity to the same volume group or separate without shutting down or stopping work.

Omni Hybrid is your ultimate compatibility and collaborate engine with interoperability for all the favorite production tools including 4K cameras from AJA®, ARRI®, Blackmagic, RED, Sony and more; editorial and finishing applications such as Adobe Premiere® , Avid Media Composer® and ProTools®, Apple Final Cut Studio®, Autodesk Smoke® and Flame, and Blackmagic Resolve; and animation/visual effects tools like Adobe® After Affects®, Autodesk® Maya, Foundry Nuke and more.

Included with Omni Hybrid is the Archion’s PICS media management system for searching and playback of media.


  • Over 8000 MB/sec of bandwidth for up to 65 streams of Ultra HD 4K video
  • IOPS in excess of 600,000 for transcoding, rendering and computer graphics
  • 1000 MB/sec over 10GigE direct clients connections. (40 GigE available)
  • Contiguous data flow for low fragmentation with 4K DPX


  • Expansion up to nearly one and a half Petabytes with hot pluggable expansion chassis
  • Unlimited dynamic volume expansion often required by digital video professionals
  • No seat licenses or major client downloads
  • Automated backup and archive to other NAS storage servers and SAN storage networks


  • NAS storage server with Mac, Windows and Linux compatibility
  • Simultaneous file sharing protocols (SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP and more…)
  • User and Group Authentication with external Active Directory and LDAP direct support
  • Built in Replication (mirroring) to EditStor and other NAS and SAN networks