Archion’s Synergy XTR is the result of a decade of experience in providing Avid Unity MediaNetwork based solutions. Archion engineers developed the award winning Vdisk™ storage technology to enable the plug and play integration of hardware parity RAID into Unity MediaNetworks without changing the standard workflow. Synergy XTR eliminates the need to mirror your storage or compromise your media. Unity MediaNetwork owners can now add storage at a fraction of the cost while improving their protection, scalability, performance, and investment protection.

 Mammoth Storage Capacity:

Up to 32TB in a single 3RU chassis. 24TB is protected and usable. Exceptionally cost effective such that there¹s no need to constantly back up data.

 High Throughput:

High Performance 4Gb Fibre Channel and 6 GB SAS architecture enables transfer speeds significantly higher than the competition. For even higher throughput, XTR is upgradable to 8Gb FC.

 Complete Data Protection:

High speed, high availability RAID controller with Archion¹s Vdisk brings full RAID protection to Avid Unity™ environments.

  Total Uptime:

Drive failure is no longer a major issue that prevents productivity. During rebuilds, the Synergy XTR users can continue to work. Front panel alert lights allow for at a glance status check.

 Remote Management:

Full web based RAID management tools for SMTP and SNMP makes it easy to set up email notification and event management. Advanced SES services allow for easy checking of drive status and enclosure environment. Password protected monitoring and management is available from anywhere on the Internet.