Networked storage for the broadcaster or newsroom must be reliable enough to support the 24/7 demands, and flexible enough to support the end to end media workflow tools required to make this environment flow. As the central architecture for the ingest and playout of media, editing, asset management and archive, the centralized networked storage plays a critical role.

Quick and simple availability to news content or other media from various newsrooms, broadcast groups, or media stations encourages creative flexibility and heightens productivity. This requires you to consider whether you are willing to deal with the limitations of a closed proprietary solution or prefer a platform that expands your options due to the use of standards based protocols.

To further enhance this environment, the networked storage must have the speed and features to fully support the more demanding editing requirements of your creative team using applications from vendors Avid, Adobe, Apple, Edius and more.

Archion Technologies has been supporting thousands of clients media workflows with high performance, reliable and functional shared storage solutions for nearly 15 years. From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite to Avid MediaComposer and Pro Tools (as well as the leading finishing creative tools from such vendors as Autodesk and Blackmagic Davinci), Archion has delivered the power for just about all video and audio codecs and formats, including HD, 2K, 4K and higher.

Archion’s EditStor platform leads a new era of networked storage for the Broadcast and Newsroom sector. With EditStor’s IT standards based protocals, the IT department will have no problem integrating and architecting a leading edge facility without closing them into an expensive proprietary solution. In addition, EditStor’s high bandwidth and editing tools help ensure that the core architecture of the facility is ready for the heavy media demands.

Consider these advantages/benefits:


  • Multi-protocal, providing simulatenous support for SMB, AFP, NFS, and more
  • Multi-platform, providing support for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Standards based Ethernet networking with advanced 10Gigabit and 40 Gigabit performance.


  • Hot pluggable expansion chassis up to nearly 1 Petabyte
  • On-the-fly volume expansion
  • Unlimited clients with no major downloads or seat licenses.


  • Over 1000 MB/sec within a single engine and 1500 MB/sec with expansion chassis
  • 10 GigE Client Connectivity (and 40GigE soon)
  • Contiguous data flow for 2K/4k and audio workflows.