EditStorVelo-550Whether you’re a University / College, high school, or an institution dedicated to the teaching of media production (and broadcast), your goal is to prepare your students for the real world. Yet such institutions typically don’t have the resources or budget that real world post production or broadcast facilities have.

This is not to say that your demands are not as great. In fact, educational facilities providing such curriculum and/or services often face challenges well beyond those of typical post production or broadcast facility. For example, you likely have an IT department deeply involved in the infrastructure of your teaching environment without the media workflow expertise you may desire. The IT department will likely be more concerned with network security and protection than with your media.

There’s also the need for a high level of compatibility across operating systems and applications, like Adobe’s Creative Suite, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and Avid’s Media Composer. In order for the students to keep up with the latest in media production technology and gain a broad experience, educational institutions must be able to move between new and legacy operating systems and editing applications with ease.

Archion Technologies has been supporting thousands of clients media workflows with high performance, reliable and functional shared storage solutions for nearly 15 years. From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite to Avid MediaComposer and Pro Tools (and other leading content creation applications), Archion has been able to meet these broad requirements.

Archion’s EditStor Platform leads a new era of networked storage for the Broadcast and Newsroom sector. With EditStor’s IT standards based protocals, the IT department will have no problem integrating and architecting a leading edge facility without closing them into an expensive proprietary solution. In addition, EditStor’s high bandwidth and editing tools help ensure that the core architecture of the facility is ready for the heavy media demands.

Consider these advantages/benefits:


  • Cross Platform for Mac, Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Multi-Protocal for simulataneous support of AFP, SMB, NFS, FTP and more
  • Standards based Ethernet networking


  • Up to 1 Petabyte per Engine
  • Hot pluggable, low cost expansion chassis
  • No software licenses or major downloads

Media Management

  • Advanced user password and authentication features, such LDAP and Active Directory
  • On the fly volume expansion
  • Media replication, back up and archive