EdtistorOmni-550Collaborative workflows for the film and professional video production industry require networked storage that can support the performance, functional and scalable demands of media creation. Once the realization has been made that shared storage will dramatically improve productivity while also reducing risk, it’s time to search for the right solution.

Whether you’re a creative artist, a video engineer, and IT expert, or an administrator, the shared storage solution has to meet a variety of demands. From a creative perspective, is the storage fast enough and does it meet your media management requirements? From a video engineer perspective, is it ready to support all the media applications in your environment, and will it be scalable and reliable. From an IT perspective, will it easily plug into the existing environment and how easily can it be managed. And finally, from an administrative perspective, can the shared storage be easily managed?

Archion Technologies has been supporting thousands of clients media workflows with high performance, reliable and functional shared storage solutions for nearly 15 years. From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite to Avid MediaComposer and Pro Tools (as well as the leading finishing creative solutions ), Archion has delivered the power for just about all video and audio codecs and formats, including HD, 2K, 4K or higher.

Archion’s EditStor Platform leads a new era of film and professional video creative production. No other shared media storage solution addresses this industry as comprehensively and affordably, with a high performance, RAID protected, highly interoperable and scalable solution.

Consider these advantages/benefits:


  • Direct 10 Gigabit Ethernet client connectivity
  • Bandwidth of over 1500 MB/sec through single engine
  • Contiguous Data Flow for DPX and audio files


  • Simple expansion of 10GigE or 1 GIgE ports (up to 16)
  • Unlimited seats and no licenses or downloads for adding clients
  • Hot pluggable, low cost expansion chassis (up to nearly 1 Petabyte)

Media Management

  • Transparent Avid project sharing (bin locking)
  • On the fly volume expansion eliminating the need for any downtime
  • Simple media management for replication, back up and Archive