Whether you are broadcasting a sermon or service, streaming an inspirational message on the internet or delivering some other form of rich media, your resources for the creation and distribution of this media is usually very limited.

For this reason, ease of use and affordability are among the two most important factors for a house of worship trying to take advantage of the media tools available today. You simply cannot afford to have members of your team acting as full time media administrators. You want your creative team focused on delivering the message.

And with the tight budgets, compatibility and flexibility with operating systems and applications – such as Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer – are critically important in order to avoid annual or more frequent updates and upgrades. With nearly a decade of delivering shared media storage solutions to house of worship, Archion Technologies has proven to be an important resource by delivering more than just affordable shared storage, but by sharing their expertise in media workflows.

From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite to Avid MediaComposer (and even applications from Autodesk), Archion has delivered the power for just about all video and audio codecs and formats, including HD, DPX… Archion’s EditStor Platform leads a new era of networked media storage for the House of Worship Industry.

With EditStor’s IT standards based protocals, high performance, and overall functionality, you’ll find it hard to believe how affordable it is.. In addition, EditStor’s high bandwidth and editing tools help ensure that the core architecture of the facility is ready for the heavy media demands. Consider these advantages/benefits:


  • Cross Platform for Mac, Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Multi-Protocal for simulataneous support of AFP, SMB, NFS, FTP and more
  • Standards based Ethernet networking


  • Up to 1 Petabyte per Engine
  • Hot pluggable, low cost expansion chassis
  • No software licenses or major downloads


  • Advanced user password and authentication features, such LDAP and Active Directory
  • On the fly volume expansion
  • Media replication, back up and archive