EdtistorOmni-550The viewers experience in live sporting events is of utmost importance. Therefore, your infrastructure must be able to support Multi-camera workflows. What does this mean when it comes to the shared media storage?

To begin with, the central storage must be interoperable with the leading ingest and playback solutions, as well as the able to support a variety of asset management and archive systems. And, at the pace of technology today, manufacturers are improving these tools to the point where you don’t want to be locked into any proprietary structure.

In addition, multi-camera production requires ample bandwidth to and from the main post production storage. You don’t want your editors to be limited to the number and type of streams and formats.

With nearly a decade of delivering shared media storage solutions to house of worship, Archion Technologies has proven to be an important resource by delivering more than just affordable shared storage, but by sharing their expertise in media workflows. From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite to Avid MediaComposer and Pro Tools (as well as the leading finishing creative tools from such vendors as Autodesk and Blackmagic Davinci), Archion has delivered the power for just about all video and audio codecs and formats, including HD, 2K, 4K and higher.

Archion’s EditStor Platform leads a new era of networked media storage for the Live Sports Event industry. With EditStor’s IT standards based protocols, high performance, and overall functionality, you’ll find it hard to find an argument for not selecting EditStor. What makes it even more compelling is that your investment will be nearly half that of other shared media storage that offers comparable performance and functionality.

Consider the EditStor Highlights:


  • Multi-protocal, providing simulatenous support for SMB, AFP, NFS, and more
  • Multi-platform, providing support for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Standards based Ethernet networking with advanced 10Gigabit and 40 Gigabit performance.


  • Hot pluggable expansion chassis up to nearly 1 Petabyte
  • On-the-fly volume expansion
  • Unlimited clients with no major downloads or seat licenses.


  • Over 1000 MB/sec within a single engine and 1500 MB/sec with expansion chassis
  • 10 GigE Client Connectivity (and 40GigE soon)
  • Contiguous data flow for 2K/4k and audio workflows.