Enhancing Audio Workflows with EditStor Shared Storage

EditStorVelo-550When you talk about digital audio editing you talking about Pro Tools. Pro Tools is the industry standard and is in the Avid family. Any network storage needs to be Avid aware and should be able to support such capabilities as Avid Project sharing.. This is really apparent when doing mixing for film and video. Opening a video sequence in Pro Tools to create a mix needs to be transparent to both the Pro Tools, Avid mediafiles and to the storage.

Additionally, current versions of Pro Tools (10 and higher) are uniquely support by high performance Network Attached Storage. Yet, the storage must still be able to provide the bandwidth for the mega track mixes and video sync.

EditStor Delivers the Performance and Advanced Features for Audio Workflows.

Editstor fully supports Pro tools 10 to the current version and provides the necessary bandwidth. From the mixing stage to the music studio, Editstor storage performs right along with Pro Tools, the mixers, sound efx editors, sound designers and musicians.

EditStor is ideal for centralizing the storage of multiple Pro Tools and for networking Pro Tools with other editing platforms like Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, and much more. Pro Tool editors with mega track can take advantage of EditStor’s direct 10 Gigabit Ethernet direct client connections, while less demanding editors can connect with 1 Gigabit Ethernet (or bonded).