Enhancing Graphic Workflows with EditStor Shared Storage

EditStorVelo-550The world of graphics has expanded to a every facet of content creation. Where there used to be a simple title card over an image, now is flying 3D titles, CGI characters, and the full range of special effects. This explosion of graphics is powered by the increased GPU processing and the powerful CGI programs.

The shared storage must support rendering and DPX file playback as well as standard video codecs. Additionally, This means that your DPX files, preview, renders, stills and graphics files should have little to no fragmentation.

EditStor Delivers the Performance and Advanced Features for Graphic Workflows.

Archion’s EditStor shared media storage takes graphic workflows to a new level, whether it’s supporting Adobe, Autodesk or other creative tools, with its high performance, scalability and flexibility. Editstor’s file system writes all files with consecutive data to avoid any such fragmentation and the interruptions associated. And the multiprotocol shares of Editstor are perfect for the modern graphics shop or department. All of the workstations can work on the same shares and they get the optimum protocol for the work.

Take a look at the key benefits available to your graphic workflow with the EditStor shared media storage platform: