Editstor EO

01). How can I see the new shares I created in ShareConnector?

Click the refresh symbol in ShareConnector to see the new shares.

02. How can I see the status of the drives?

In the EditStor Webgui, click on SETUP -> H/W RAID -> LSI 0 (under H/W RAID units window). You will see if the drives are online, bad, offline, and hotspare.

03. How can I know which ethernet port I am using?

In the EditStor Webgui, click SETUP -> network -> Interfaces and scroll down to Create new bond interface. Ethernet ports that are connected will be set as “cable” under the Cable column.

04. Can I use the two embedded ethernet ports that is separate from the NIC adapters?

The embedded ethernet ports that is connected with the motherboard should only be use for admin purposes. It does not have the memory resources compared to the other NIC adapters and should not be use for any client computers.

05. How can I check the usage of the logical volumes?

In the EditStor Webgui, click STATUS -> logical volume -> vg00 (under Vol, groups window). You will see the logical volume statistics.

06. Can any type of user account install ShareConnector?

No, the user should have admin rights.

07. Is there an e-mail notification for the EditStor?

Yes, in the EditStor Webgui, click SETUP -> administrator and browse down to see see the E-mail notification window. Check Send errors box and apply the right credentials for your e-mail server.

08. Will I need to shutdown my EditStor if I added an expansion chassis?

No, the expansion chassis can be added without shutting down the EditStor.

09. Can I use my company’s authentication method?

Yes, EditStor supports external LDAP, Windows PDC , Windows NIS server and Windows ADS.

10. Are the ethernet ports independent from each other?

Yes, each ports should have a different IP range and have it’s own subnet and Gateway settings.

How does Archion Project Sharing work with Avid?

Archion Project Sharing (APS) works exactly as Avid’s project sharing. The firmware built into the Editstor ES enables all of the functions of Avid project sharing such as bin locking, separate machine folders and database. Create the share using Editstor ES GUI, then when configuring the share, check the Archion PS button to activate project sharing on the volume. A simple mounting client is installed on each machine. The client will scan the Editstor ES and find all the Archion PS shares. Mount the shares using the client and start working. Once the shares are mounted, clients can be hidden or closed. Create a project on a Editstor ES APS share and you are project sharing just like Avid Unity™.