Cohen Brown Picture Company
Justin Mulvey, Video Group Manager

“We have multiple editors working on various projects at the same time at any one time and we chose Archion primarily because of its scalability, flexibility and low cost. It was a flawless execution. What I’ve come to really appreciate about the EditStor is its flexibility and ease of use, and their customer service is amazing. It’s so easy to get the answers that I’m looking for.”

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Post Time Studios
Darren Platt, Senior Editor/VP

“Through our workflow, everything we shoot with RED goes into the (EditStor) Omni then goes straight to editing in Avid. I believe most other houses take the time to transcode. But Archion’s Omni allows us to skip the transcoding step entirely – we can be more flexible to ensure we meet our clients’ deadlines. While the RED is not traditionally as editable as a point and shoot camera, the Omni has allowed us to work with the Red in real-time. Due to Omni’s speed, we can shave days off the final delivery timelines.

We appreciate Archion Omni’s performance and the company’s reliability. In addition, Archion’s customer support has always set them apart. They are very responsive, and work with you to develop the kind of one-on-one relationship we didn’t have with Avid’s tech support.”

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Phase 3 Productions
Alex Trocker, Founder/President

“We have been longtime Archion customers, so when it came time to replace the Unity, we went to learn about Archion’s EditStor. As far as the price comparison goes, it can’t be beat. The Archion EditStor system makes our lives easy. The EditStor shares all of our Avid projects across all editorial needs, including graphics, sound mixing, and final cut.”

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Chris Hansen, CTO

“Archion’s EditStor fits into our company’s workflow beautifully. It can handle any format of video file we may use for a project. The reliability of Archion has really helped us out over the years, it’s a great system. Since we put our first Editstor online here three years ago it’s been in use 24/7/365. The other plus in dealing with Archion is that they probably have the industry’s best tech support. I put a very high value on that – when I pick up the phone with a question, I can get an answer immediately.”

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Mike Ziegenbein, Chief Engineer and VP

“After looking at the various options on the market last year, we realized that the Archion EditStor was the best value for the service and portability we required. The EditStor just works great! It comes up easily and does everything we want it to do – it’s docile and very fast. The EditStor is quite robust.

Right now, the EditStor is the perfect match for our collaboration. Also, Archion’s tech-support team is highly responsive. They were very helpful in making sure our initial installation and user experiences were successful when we got the new system, and ensured it was up and running properly. They helped us resolve any issues very quickly and remain very attentive to our needs.”

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Great Pacific Media
Jason Mullen, Operations Manager

“We rely a great deal on our EditStor. Within GPM’s post department, comprised of 60-65 people, 47 of those people, all with Avid on their systems, are attached to the EditStor. We’ve been pushing it pretty hard and we keep it pretty full. We know that we can connect however many people we may need to connect at any given time. Troubleshooting is very easy, and Archion’s share connector software is very user- friendly. So far, it’s been very reliable for us during the past few years.

We love that we can add additional storage to the chassis at any time – you don’t have to buy a whole new system. It’s plug and play, buy an additional chassis, reboot, and there it is. The EditStor is definitely working great for what we are doing here. I would absolutely continue to use Archion products again in the future. “

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University of South Carolina (Gamecocks)
Paul Danna, Director of Gamecock Productions

“The EditStor is our lifeline for all of our sports teams’ content. We have 11 workstations connected to it. Everything we record, live games, ENG’s (Electronic News Gathering,) all goes through the EditStor.”
“For the past 9 years, I have come to depend on Archion for reliability. Archion’s products don’t require any additional ‘middleware’ to move files. Our EditStor unit is ideal for our current needs. There are so many other products out there, but in the end, for us, Archion’s service is always reliable and their product is solid. Also, on the service side, they have always been very responsive to ensure any issues are resolved very quickly. They’ve never let us down.”

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Gallaudet University
Patrick Harris, Operations Manager, Video Services/University Communications

“Archion has played a significant role within our production workflow ever since our storage was expanded with an Archion Synergy way back in 2007 – and that Synergy has continued to serve us as the workhorse product we have come to expect from Archion. “Since we acquired our (EditStor) Omni, the product has increased our storage capacity two-fold, while also allowing a larger pipeline to our four online edit suites (Avid/Adobe), and to our offline editing and graphics seats, all with the added ability of a substantial 4K pipeline for future UHD projects and Avid project-sharing.”

“Over the years, we have come to rely on Archion’s proven technology products and terrific technical support. Archion allows us to be confident in our ability to deliver all of our necessary video materials and presentations in an efficient and timely manner,”

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Stun Creative
Doug Ryan

“With Archion EditStor we can seamlessly connect all 14 of our Avid bays using 10GigE all of them with Avid project sharing and blazing speeds. It was a solid decision to go with Archion, since their EditStor solution has consistently delivered very fast results for us at a very affordable price.”

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Paul Rosen, Nitrous

“Archion truly opened our eyes to new ways to work that we were unaware of. Their products are cost effective, and the throughput is excellent. Archion storage has come to play a major role across every part of our company. It is an extremely versatile product that is only limited by one’s imagination ”

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