Enhancing Apple® Final Cut Pro® Workflows with EditStor Shared Storage

EdtistorOmni-550When considering networked digital storage options for your Final Cut Pro X workflow, you might feel that there’s an abundance of options. But if you look deeper, you will understand that not all SAN storage and NAS storage system vendors are equal when it comes to FCPX® workflow capabilities and knowledge.

Whether you are still using Final Cut Pro 7 or looking to move to Final Cut Pro X, networked digital storage systems can make a significant difference in the productivity of your post production and finishing teams. Look no further than the Archion shared storage solutions for FCPX.

EditStor Omni and EditStor EO deliver Superior 4K Functionality, Scalability, and Flexibility for Apple Workflows.

Archion’s shared storage for FCPX takes Apple workflows, including 2K and 4K, to new heights. With such affordable and fast shared storage available to FCPX users, expensive and complex SAN storage is no longer needed. Utilizing APS ShareConnector, the EditStor EO and EditStor Omni NAS storage servers are fully compatible with the new Final Cut Pro X “libraries” and “Projects” (Xsan) functionality. As such, EditStor makes it easy to exchange projects and share media in FCPX.

When using EditStor EO and EditStor Omni with Archion’s APS Shareconnector, Final Cut Pro X professionals can edit projects on different machines without having to copy the project and media between machines. The volumes have the proper FCPX file and folder structure and your normal Apple FCPX workflow will be the same as local volumes and allow for media sharing.

In addition, Archion’s ultra fast shared storage solutions are capable of handling other post production and finishing tools including Adobe Premiere Pro CC® and After EFX®, Avid Media Composer® and ProTools®, Blackmagic Resolve®, Autodesk® and so much more.


  • Up to 4000 MB/sec of bandwidth for 4K video and 4K raw playback (without the need for a 2nd EditStor chassis)
  • Up to 1500 MB/sec with EditStor EO for 2K video
  • 1000 MB/sec over a10GigE direct client connections (up to 16)
  • Contiguous data flow with low fragmentation with for 4K DPX


  • Up to nearly one Petabyte with hot pluggable expansion chassis
  • Unlimited on the fly volume expansion
  • No seat licenses or major client downloads
  • Automated backup and archive to other NAS storage servers or SAN storage networks


  • NAS storage server with Mac, Windows and Linux compatibility
  • Simultaneous file sharing protocals (SMB, AFP, NFS, FTPand more…)
  • Active Directory and LDAP (Open Directory) direct support
  • FCPX Libraries and Project features supported with Archion’s APS ShareConnect™