The Ultimate 4K Video Storage System

EdtistorOmni-550As the Media and Entertainment industry face challenges around 4K video, post production and finishing facilities need to be prepared for highly demanding workflow requirements.   With a 4-fold or greater increase over HD, 4K editing and playback is a challenge for most shared storage SAN technology and other media storage systems. Up until now, finishing professionals have been mostly limited to local storage because networked storage, including Avid® ISIS and shared storage systems for Adobe® Creative Cloud®, could not provide the speed, scalability and affordability.

EditStor Omni, delivering speeds of over 8000 MB/second, provides media and entertainment and other creative facilities a single media storage system for all high performance media collaboration needs. From 4K video to 4K playback of raw media files, to every day compressed video and audio streams, the Omni NAS storage server has the performance, scalability and functionality to handle it all.

It’s time for post production and finishing facilities to move on from the complicated and expensive SAN network storage technology, which often require multiple server storage systems to support critical metadata, SAN storage network software and more, while also placing limitations on the digital video workflow. EditStor Omni’s tremendous capabilities are delivered in a single, high density server storage system for simplicity and cost effectiveness. With 10GigE optical and copper connections standard, and optional 40Gig, this Omni can seamlessly blend in with existing IT architecture.

EditStor Omni is the ultimate 4K media storage system with compatibility and support for all the favorite post production and finishing tools, including, but not limited to, Adobe Premiere Premiere CC® and After EFX®, Avid Media Composer® and ProTools®, Apple Final Cut 7 and FCPX®, Autodesk® Smoke and Flame, Blackmagic Resolve®, and other popular finishing tools like Assimilate® and Nucoda®. Omni is adept at handling all your 4K codecs, including RED RED Camera, Sony 4K and Alexa.

The flexibility of EditStor Omni is truly unmatched for digital video and 4K workflows, especially in the case of Avid storage. There are no drivers or client licenses required for Mac and PC project sharing. Omni supports industry standard IT file transfer protocols simultaneously for maximum connectivity to NAS storage servers, SAN storage systems, and the workstations that help drive the post production workflow, including such devices as ingest & playout server storage systems.

EditStor Omni has set a new standard as the elite fast shared storage serving the media and entertainment industry and is ideal as an Adobe storage system for complex 4K video as well as the premiere Avid ISIS replacement. With transparent Mac and PC project sharing, alternative Avid storage solutions cannot match the advanced performance and functionality of Omni.


  • Over 8000 MB/sec of bandwidth for up to 65 streams of UltraHD 4k video
  • Dual 40GigE ports available for uplink to switch
  • 1000 MB/sec over 10GigE direct clients connections. (40gigE available)
  • Contiguous data flow for low fragmentation with 4K DPX


  • Expand with hot pluggable expansion chassis

  • Unlimited dynamic volume expansion often required by digital video professionals
  • No seat licenses or major client downloads
  • Automated backup and archive to other NAS storage servers and SAN storage networks


  • NAS storage server with Mac, Windows and Linux compatibility
  • Simultaneous file sharing protocols (SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP and more…)
  • Active Directory and LDAP direct support
  • Built in Replication (mirroring) to EditStor and other NAS storage servers and SAN storage networks