Enhancing Post Production Workflows EditStor Shared Storage

EditStorVelo-550Today’s Post Production workflows need to be geared to support the production of content that will go anywhere and be viewed on anything. From 4k to H262 compressed files, the storage must support all of the codecs and movement of media through the content machine that is the modern Post Production facility.

Additionally, it’s impossible to know which editing platform will serve your facility the best in the future. With uncertainty around the stability and commitment from key video and audio editing software vendors today, it is risky to lock into a any single proprietary workflow.

Whether you’re a creative artist, a video engineer, and IT expert, or an administrator, the shared storage solution has to meet a variety of demands. From a creative perspective, is the storage fast enough and does it meet your media management requirements? The video engineer needs to know there is the interoperability and scalability to support all the media applications and growth. From an IT perspective and administrative perspective, will it easily plug into the existing environment and how easily can it be managed.

Editstor was specifically designed to be future forward in its architecture to provide the bandwidth, protocols and scalability to support todays and tomorrows file based workflows. Archion has several EditStor models – EditStor Velo, EditStor Omni, Omni Hybrid and EditStor EO –  to handle the variety of demands in a post production facility.

Editstor’s multiprotocol approach to workspace shares allow for each of the workstations to have the same share in the protocol that is optimal for the work. Windows, Mac, or linux it makes no difference to Editstor and with APS Shareconnector transparent Avid project sharing and FCPX Libraries are fully supported. Content creators can work using all of their familiar tools and workflows.

EditStor Velo


  • Up to 5000 MB/sec of bandwidth for 4K video (2500 MB/sec in single EditStor Omni NAS storage server)
  • Dual 40GigE ports available for uplink to switch
  • 1000 MB/sec over 10GigE direct clients connections. (40gigE available)
  • Contiguous data flow for low fragmentation with 4K DPX


  • Expansion up to nearly one and a half Petabytes with hot pluggable expansion chassis
  • Unlimited dynamic volume expansion often required by digital video professionals
  • No seat licenses or major client downloads
  • Automated backup and archive to other NAS storage servers and SAN storage networks


  • NAS storage server with Mac, Windows and Linux compatibility
  • Simultaneous file sharing protocols (SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP and more…)
  • Active Directory and LDAP direct support
  • Built in Replication (mirroring) to EditStor and other NAS storage servers and SAN storage networks